About me

I’m Emily


and I proudly wear the hats of a certified Human Design Reader and Nutritionist.
My journey is rooted in a deep passion for food and creating nourishing recipes, particularly centered around plant-based goodness.

In 2022, I experienced a transformative burnout that served as a wake-up call. Living out of sync with my true energy type took a toll on my well-being, prompting me to reevaluate my life. I took a leap, leaving my previous job, and embraced my true calling, driven by a burning desire to align my life with my authentic energy.

Human Design became my

guiding light

during this period of rediscovery. 

Learning about my Manifestor energy type and incorporating this knowledge into my life brought about a profound shift. As I slowly regained my energy and happiness, the idea of delving even deeper into Human Design took root.

Driven by the life-changing impact it had on my own journey, I decided to become a certified Human Design Reader. This was not just a career choice but a heartfelt commitment to helping others who might be grappling with similar challenges. Through Human Design readings, I aim to guide individuals towards a life that is not only aligned with their unique energy but also nourished from within.

—— In parallel, my passion for a holistic approach and nutrition led me to become a certified Nutritionist. By combining Human Design insights with a focus on healthy living, I aspire to empower everyone to lead a more aligned and vibrant life. My mission is to share the wisdom that has brought me fulfillment, energy, and a renewed sense of purpose, fostering a community that thrives on authenticity and well-being.

Here’s to living life

in full alignment and

abundant health!

Please feel heartedly welcome to contact me for a personal exchange on your questions about human design, bookings and more.

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